Bettor's Wish

Brittany Farms' Millionaires

The following million dollar-plus winning racehorses were bred by Brittany Farms or Brittany Farms & Partners. To date, it numbers 45... and counting!
Mr Muscleman 1:51.1 Muscles Yankee-Meadowbranch Irene$3,582,823

Mr Feelgood p,1:49 Grinfromeartoear-Best Of Memories$3,366,157

Manchego 4,1:49 Muscle Hill-Secret Magic$3,144,777

Artsplace p,4,1:49.2 Abercrombie-Miss Elvira$3,085,083

Art Major p,4,1:48.4 Artsplace-Perfect Profile$2,727,224

Bettor's Wish p,4,1:47.3 Bettor's Delight-Lifetime Star$2,601,233

Father Patrick 3,1:50.2f Cantab Hall-Gala Dream$2,558,133

Wishing Stone 1:51.2f Conway Hall-Meadowbranch Magic$2,359,150

Bettor's Edge p,1:48.1 Bettor's Delight-Spring Wind$2,202,327

Vintage Master p,4,1:48.1f Western Ideal-Art's Vintage$2,160,953

Chancey Lady p,1:48.4f Camluck-Art Of Design$2,072,092

Passionate Glide 3,1:52.2 Yankee Glide-Miss Marita$2,060,447

Glidemaster 3,1:51.1 Yankee Glide-Cressida Hanover$1,968,023

Six Pack 3,1:49.1 Muscle Mass-Pleasing Lady$1,939,604

Western Fame p,1:48.1f Western Ideal-Shyaway$1,931,775

Lookout Victory 1:54.3 Valley Victory-Higher Love$1,921,611

Life Sign p,3,1:50.3 Abercrombie-Three Diamonds$1,912,454

State Treasurer p,1:47 Real Desire-Ideal Treasure$1,908,424

Day In A Life p,1:49.4f Life Sign-Riva Hanover$1,863,602

American Jewel p,3,1:48.2 American Ideal-Trim Hanover$1,840,565

Perfect Sting p,3,1:48.1 Always B Miki-Shebestingin$1,808,147

Pebble Beach p,3,1:48.1 Downbytheseaside-Santa Rosa$1,685,800

Artspeak p,3,1:47.4 Western Ideal-The Art Museum$1,628,762

Continentalvictory 3,1:52.1 Valley Victory-Intercontinental$1,611,170

Great Vintage p,4,1:49.1f American Ideal-Art's Vintage$1,510,226

Artiscape p,3,1:49.3 Artsplace-Delinquent Account$1,469,461

Western Ideal p,1:48 Western Hanover-Leah Almahurst$1,455,422

Luck Be Withyou p,1:47.4f Western Ideal-Trim Hanover$1,454,166

American History p,3,1:47 American Ideal-Perfect Touch$1,418,564

Self Possessed 3,1:51.3 Victory Dream-Feeling Great$1,346,390

Blue Diamond Eyes p,3,1:47.2 Captaintreacherous-Aria Hanover$1,340,144

Quality Western p,1:49.2f Western Hanover-True To Life$1,292,528

Lucky Man p,1:49.1 Camluck-Under Her Spell$1,280,610

Image Of Dawn p,3,1:50.4 Life Sign-Clear Copy$1,248,536

Western Shore p,1:48.3f Western Hanover-Artomatic$1,247,985

Zooming 1:51f Classic Photo-Merit Lane$1,181,714

He's Watching p,3,1:46.4 American Ideal-Baberhood$1,116,450

Art's Virtue p,3,1:50.3 Artsplace-Always An Angel$1,100,639

Bettor's Up p,3,1:49.4 Bettor's Delight-Fresh Idea$1,073,702

Mantacular p,3,1:51.1 Western Hanover-Between Two Fires$1,071,506

Lifetime Pursuit 3,1:50.4 Cantab Hall-Queen Of Grace$1,065,586

Lotta Soul p,1:50.2 No Nukes-Jazz Singer$1,052,015

Pastor Stephen 3,1:52.4 Cantab Hall-Gala Dream$1,048,607

Possess The Magic 3,1:53.2 Self Possessed-Chorine Hanover$1,043,503

Escape The News p,4,1:48.4 Artiscape-Ideal News$1,019,027